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Each week, I will coach you on your current blocks and create action steps with you so you are able to move forward and make progress on a daily basis. I always start the session with the question “What would you like from our session today?”

1 on 1 Coaching

Access the video recordings of your sessions so that you can let the content sink in, repeat the exercises and anchor the new lessons you've learnt.


Learn from the comfort of your home. It doesn't matter where in the world you are, we're flexible to schedule sessions in different time zones.

Remote Learning

You’ll get access to the 12 modules as we move along the program. Each week, you’ll receive material and assignments based on your current challenges.


What is included?

“I believe that as entrepreneurs we are the brave ones who create solutions to problems, who question the status quo, and who are constantly dedicated to improving our lives and the lives of others. ​But we cannot do any of that if we are not feeling well.”

I am the co-founder of ESCAPE.

Being a traveling entrepreneur while running the company, and constantly meeting people who explore new ways of working and living has taught me a lot: about myself, my work and the way to balance it all.

While I love creating and running companies, I understand the struggles, challenges and loneliness that comes along the path. At different periods in my entrepreneurial journey, I was close to losing it all - and without the support of my team and mentors, ESCAPE wouldn’t be where it is today.

I’ve seen too many projects implode because the founder couldn’t go on any longer. This is why business coaching is close to my heart.

I can help you whether you are already “up & running” as an entrepreneur/ freelancer finding yourself slowly burning out under the pressure, self imposed deadlines and lack of structure; or you are playing with the idea of starting something but not knowing where to start.

You are in the right place.


I am


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90-minute session

Session recording

1 Workbook

Email support

Initial Assessment

Goal Setting & Planning

90-minute session

CHF 150

12 60-minute sessions

Session recordings

12 Workbooks

Email support

Accountability & Deliverables

Goal Setting & Planning

90-day plan

CHF 1490

How much?


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Is this program for you? Let's chat!

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As a result you end up overworking or procrastinating. Stress and anxiety show up in your life, and the more they stay, the less you can think properly. You are probably not sleeping well at night (or not sleeping at all). Some days, you’re in a state of terrible panic.

You know you want a change to happen, you write it down and yet you’re not acting on it. You forget and find yourself in the same situation as before, repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

Here is good news: procrastination or burnout are not a lifestyle BUT symptoms that something is bothering you. It doesn’t have to be this way, AND you can decide to change now.

It’s high time you started focusing on the most important part of your business: YOU.

  • What are your needs & desires?

  • How do you want to grow in a way that is fun for you?

  • Who are the cool people you want to work with?

So that you are able to tell yourself:

  • I feel happy, full of energy, and inspired

  • My work has a purpose; and it brings me so much joy 

  • I am able to make money with a job that is fun

These thoughts make you feel burnt out, exhausted, struck, frustrated

You started a business to make a change and be free to make your own decisions. But somewhere along the way, you’ve lost sight of what your needs are. You don’t really know why you’re doing this at all.

Do you recognize this small voice in your head urging you to change something, and yet all you can think is:

  • By now, I should have more financial and business success...

  • I miss the spark and I’m bored with my job

  • I think I am lacking motivation and knowledge to achieve my goals

  • Do my goals make sense? I’m not so sure anymore

How often do you pause and ask yourself: “What do I need?” instead of “what do my clients want?“

Scale Up

Do you recognize this small voice in your head urging you to create a business out of your tiny ideas? And the next second, another voice tells you:

I would love to start my own business BUT...

  • I’m scared to fail

  • I don’t know where to start

  • I don’t know how I will make money

  • I’m not confident enough

There is your internal struggle. You feel stuck between these two tiny voices that leave confused, frustrated and stuck.

“Yaaaay! I have this amazing idea in my head. Hold on. How do I turn THAT into a business?”

Start Up

Who is it for?

The 90 Days Program

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Getting to the next level doesn’t have to be daunting. I have developed a simple curriculum that is based around three main topics: mindset, business strategies, time management & organization.

Working around these three areas will catapult you to the next level in about 3 months. By the end of our time together, you will:

  1. Know how to deal with the voices in your head and have created rituals to take care of yourself

  2. Have created ready-to-sell new products or services based on your current skills and knowledge

  3. Know how to work more efficiently and bring more FUN to your life (work less, live more)


  1. Understanding in what circumstances or in what ways your fears and doubts shows up

  2. Introduction to self-sabotage and getting to know in what areas of your business or life it shows up

  3. Learn the tools and techniques to release your fears and create beliefs that serve you

  4. Create rituals to strengthen your new beliefs

Result: you are able to overcome the Imposter syndrome (thoughts such as: “I feel like a fraud” or “I’m not good enough” among other things)

Mindset Work

A woman sitting on a sofa chair and writing in a notebook
Two women working on their laptop
  1. Understand what you are naturally good at and what skills to sell

  2. Define the business mission and your vision

  3. Define who your ideal client is, what their pains and desires are

  4. Decide on the products and services you want to build (or update your current offer) to serve your clients, and at what price

Result: you know the exact steps of how to go from an idea to its implementation and launching a new offer, based on your skills & interests.

Business Strategy

  1. Create your ideal week, and calendar your time

  2. Setting up basic business systems: goal setting sessions, automations, delegation

  3. Learning how & what to delegate and outsource

  4. Reviewing and celebrating how much you've accomplished

Result: you are able to organize your time and tasks so that you can create a project (a new offer, a new company) while taking care of yourself; meaning you will dedicate time for your hobbies, passions, hanging out with friends, weekends and holidays

Task & Time Management

Laptop, pen and agenda on a table
Two women in a conversation

Business Coaching

It is time to invest in you.

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