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You are a distributed team looking for a place to meet or you would like to get away from your regular office environment.


Your team has a big project in sight and needs a space to be productive. Whether you plan to work on a design sprint, product launch, or just do regular work, we’ve got your back.


You want to spend quality time with your team away from your office so you get to push your creativity and reinforce relationships between colleagues.

Have Fun

You are celebrating a company's success and want to thank your employees. What better way to say “Awesome job!” than spending a few days in the mountains or at the beach?


Why do you need a retreat?

We have hosted teams from

Suggested Team Activities




What's included in the retreat?

Choose between our two locations

Whether you are a company gathering for a team building or a host organizing themed retreats, nothing beats coming together in a beautiful place. That feeling of belonging that is created after several days of living, learning, experimenting together will boost productivity, creativity and strengthen relationships within your team.

Together we grow

Company retreat at Swiss Escape

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Together we grow

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retreat with us.

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