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Winter Season

From December to the end of April, the winter season is on! Swiss Escape is heaven for skiers and snowboarders of all levels. With over 48 slopes to choose from with a single ski pass, you will not be bored. Oh, and the ski station is just two minutes away from the coliving space.

For those looking into other outdoor activities, there are plenty to choose from: ice skating, sledging, and even paragliding are a few we can recommend. When the sun is out, we often treat ourselves at the après-ski bar with a glass of mulled wine or hot Swiss chocolate!

On those cold winter nights, we love to go for fondue or raclette at the local restaurant, or we organize a bread making evening, an old tradition where we bake rye bread in the village’s communal kitchen. And best of all, we even have an "Escape Room" for those of you ready to solve puzzles!

Person skiing in the Swiss Alps

Ski slopes

Whether you ski or snowboard, you will never get bored of the slopes when you have 48 to choose from with a single ski pass; just two minutes away from the coliving space.

Person sledging in the Swiss Alps


You are bound to have heaps of fun when you go down a 3.5 km long trail from an altitude of 2500 meters. Easy way to go down to the village.

Paragliding in the snowy mountains


This is once in a lifetime experience. Whether you are a beginner or want to soar the skies yourself, the Alps won’t disappoint you.

Person ice skating

Ice skating

Step into the natural skating ring to enjoy a fun day and if you are up for more, they even have discos on ice.

Inside Zinal glacier

Exploring glaciers

Ever been inside a glacier? You will come across icy streams, caves and everything that will leave you speechless.

People eating fondue

Fondue night

The Swiss cheese cooked to perfection. When there is fondue on the table, you know it is a social event!

Person skiing in the Swiss Alps

Great! I want to stay at Swiss Escape

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