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How to improve your work-life balance while nomading and working remotely

Working remotely can be quite challenging when it comes to finding your own work- life balance, right? It's so easy to procrastinate and focus on non-essential tasks or, on the other hand, keep working so hard that you don't have time for anything else. Everyone wants to find their own work-life balance, and it obviously depends on many different parameters but here are 3 key elements that can really help you with setting up and keeping a good balance.

1. Community

Being part of a community of like-minded individuals can really make a difference. A strong community acts like a regulator, whether you tend to work too much or too little. If you are using a coworking space, having people working around you helps to focus and be productive. But at the same time, these people will come and leave the workspace. There may also be activities/events planned at certain times and this helps you make breaks throughout the day and puts some rhythm in your workday. Joining weekly goal setting sessions also makes you engage on specific tasks and be accountable to the community. Joining local digital nomad groups (Facebook, meetup, etc) or using coworking or coliving spaces are very easy ways to get involved in a community of location independent workers as soon as you arrive to a new place.

2. Immediate surroundings

The local environment where we live is very important, yet often underestimated. A location where you feel you belong brings satisfaction, happiness and contributes to inner peace, which has huge effects on work too. If big cities are your oyster, that's totally fine to move from city to city, but if you are into ice capped summits, make sure you spend time in the mountains. If you need calm and nature, stay in the countryside, and if the ocean has beneficial effects on you, go enjoy the seaside. Just spend most of your time wherever you feel the most comfortable, and never stay for too long in a place that would stress you.

3. Activities

Being a remote worker also allows you to be in places where you can practice your favorite leisure activities. Then, why not take advantage of it and chase the best destinations for the activities you like most? A workday does not feel the same when you know that you can take a break and easily treat yourself with a session of what you enjoy the most in life. It can also be an opportunity to improve your skills for the activities you usually do during your spare time or discover new ones. Whether you are fond of paragliding, yoga, skiing or stargazing, it's important to take time for what makes your heart pump.

Combining all of these may not be easy and the ability to do so also depends on your situation. However, more and more coworking and coliving spaces pop up in various areas (seaside, mountains, countryside, etc) and a lot of them gather all the conditions mentioned before and play their part in creating the conditions for a better work-life balance. Be it for a week or for several months, spending time in a beautiful place while being part of a community of like-minded professionals and focusing on activities you really like can truly be a game changer and even make you want to trigger huge changes in your lifestyle.


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