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Why choose coliving? Voices from our ESCAPE community

people in a coliving

In the ever-evolving landscape of work and travel, the concept of coliving has emerged as a pillar for digital nomads, freelancers, and solo travelers seeking more than just a place to stay. At ESCAPE, we're more than just coliving spaces; we're a community that thrives on diversity, learning, and connection.

We recently asked our clients at Greek Escape, "Why did you choose coliving?" Their responses, captured as much as possible in their own words, not only warmed our hearts but also reinforced the essence of what makes Greek Escape and Swiss Escape so special.

people in coliving
Coliving at Greek Escape

A leap into solo travel

"For me, it was about overcoming the fear of my first solo trip. I didn't want to be alone and wanted to make sure I was in an environment where I was forced to speak English. Coliving provided that safe, supportive space to step out of my comfort zone."

A melting pot of perspectives

"Coliving introduces you to people you wouldn't normally meet on your path. It's been an eye-opening experience, expanding my world view and allowing me to learn from new perspectives. It's about growing by sharing stories and insights with others from different walks of life."

Mix of solo travel and coliving

"I love to travel solo because it gives me the freedom to explore on my own terms. However, mixing solo adventures with community experiences is a game-changer. The stunning pictures of the place and positive reviews attracted me to Greek Escape, especially my visit to Crete last year, where the weather was just perfect."

Surrounded by like-minded souls

"Being surrounded by people, yet having the space to be on your own, creates the perfect balance. The community aspect of coliving, where you're never truly alone, has been a significant factor for me. It's comforting to know there's always someone to share a meal, a conversation, or an adventure with."

Local experience, global perspectives

"Meeting new people, getting the local experience from those who've been here before, and feeling safe are my top reasons for choosing coliving. It's about immersing yourself in a new culture while also getting to know different perspectives that expand your understanding of the world."

Safe and shared space

"Coliving at ESCAPE has offered me a safe haven to explore, connect, and grow. It's about more than just sharing a space; it's about sharing life's journey with others who are on similar paths but from various backgrounds."

people in a coliving
Coliving at Swiss Escape

In the tapestry of tales from our community, a common thread emerges: coliving is not just about the places you visit but the people you meet and the experiences you share. ESCAPE stands as a testament to the transformative power of community living, where every individual's journey adds a unique color to our collective mosaic.

As we continue to welcome solo travelers, digital nomads, and everyone in between, we're reminded of the beauty of connection, the joy of exploration, and the endless possibilities that unfold when we choose to live, work, and grow together. Why choose coliving? Because together, we're home.


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