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First week coliving in Plakias

Updated: Jan 10

So much happened in so little time. We welcomed our first colivers of the season in our new destination: Plakias. We are thrilled to see our coliving fully booked this first month, with even a waiting list. As the first guests arrived, initial impressions were unanimous: the houses are surreal.

"Why did you decide to come to Crete as a digital nomad?"

When we asked our colivers why they decided to come to Crete, we found out 3 reasons that almost everybody agreed on: Hiking, Eating, and Chilling. Simple and easy, right?


Reason 1: Hiking

Winter is the perfect time to hike because the weather is not as hot as usual. Who wants to hike when it's 45° degrees outside? No one. When the weather cools down, it's a wonderful time to do so. Many of our colivers are including hikes throughout the week, if not daily. So far, they've explored Preveli Palm Forest, the cliff of Plakias, and the hike from Kalypso to Damnoni beach. More to come on the weekend!

A staircase built into a mountain with the sea as a backdrop
Kalypso beach

Reason 2: Eating Greek Food

Telling us you come to Crete because of the food is an EXCELLENT reason! What is not to love about the food here? We've spent four winters, and every season we discover new dishes and menus that we've never had before.

Greek cuisine is widely known for its Mediterranean tastes, and Cretan cuisine is even more special. Lots of fruits and vegetables are grown here, meaning that they end up right on our plate. It's almost a direct "from producer to consumer" system.

Our colivers experience the joy of eating at tavernas around the village, and the cherry on the cake: most tavernas or restaurants offer free dessert and raki by the end of the meal. What's not to love about that? This week, we even organized a homemade Friday lunch at home: a Moussaka cooked by our cleaning ladies who also run a taverna. Everyone was super excited!

A group of people eating on the patio of a house
Dinner at Greek Escape

Reason 3: Chilling at the coliving

We hear you! After a (long) day working from the coworking areas, who doesn't love chilling with friends on our patio? We've had chill nights every evening, whether a "friendsgiving" dinner on the patio, a shisha chill zone next to our swimming pool while watching the sunset, or a night out in a taverna.

We even made it to our business event: "Color psychology" where we learned how colors influence our perception and what color to choose according to what we want to express, together with a glass of wine - we still take our chill time very seriously ;)

A group of people watching a presentation on a screen
Business event on Color Psychology


All in all, we've loved our first week here at Greek Escape! People made friends, coworked (we know, the swimming pool was tempting, but we motivated each other to sit down behind our laptops), ate (a lot!), chilled, hiked, discovered Plakias and the walking paths. It's a slow Greek life, and we love spending our winter here!


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