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How working in the mountains helps improving your productivity and well-being

Whether you already experienced a work retreat in the mountains or consider working from such an environment, the benefits can really go beyond your expectations. Living and working remotely from the mountains have multiple consequences, being on your energy level, your creativity or your work-life balance. And that also means enhanced well-being and more productivity at work. Here is how.

More nature means more energy

It's incredible to see the effects that nature can have on one's mindset. Spending time in the mountains you reconnect to the earth. All senses are stimulated: you breathe fresh air, hear the little noises from the surrounding nature, get a chance to touch it, get amazed at the wonderful landscapes you see, and can even taste local fruits and vegetables directly from the source. You always pay more attention to what happens around you and clearly increase your mindfulness, as there is no hustle and less disturbances than in a city environment. Altitude also has benefits on physiology, and this is one of the reasons why athletes come and train in Alpine areas. Being closer to nature definitely allows you to boost your energy level and has consequences on well-being, thus on productivity at work too.

An inspirational environment brings more creativity

Spending time in a different environment, and especially in the mountains, brings change. This means new landscapes and weather, different living conditions, unknown people around you, new learnings, etc. Succeeding in adapting to that and taking time to explore things out of the comfort zone create the conditions for a very inspirational environment. As far as out-of-the-box thinking is needed to increase creativity, the mountains are the ideal environment to foster new ideas, step back and think about how to implement them. For many jobs (especially content related), creativity is one of the factors that influences productivity and the inspiration that mountains bring is really great for that.

A different environment for a better focus

Sometimes, you don't need much to be more productive at work. Very little details can have a huge influence on how your workday goes. As a remote worker, you know that changing environment is one of them. Depending on where you are, what surrounds you, and how you organise your day, your productivity can dramatically go down or reach unbelievable levels. Moving to a new environment is always an opportunity to set up new rules and new routines. As most mountain destinations are very peaceful, this helps a lot in getting rid of potential distractions while improving your work-life balance. In these conditions, focusing on essential things seems much easier, and this applies to both personal and professional concerns.

If you sometimes have hard times with focusing, difficulties to be creative at work or feel that you lack energy when you are traveling, you should very much consider staying in the mountains for a while. Such a natural and inspirational environment will not only help in recharging your batteries and increase your well-being but also be a real booster for your productivity.


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