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New Nomad? Come taste the water

After 2020, many of us in Europe (and around the world) have discovered the surprising challenges and unexpected perks of working from home. Suddenly, somewhat foreign concepts such as "remote work" and "digital nomadism" became much more tangible, and let’s face it, tempting. A little bit scary too. Going from a 9 to 5 at the office, to home office, to no home & no office is a big step and definitely one outside the comfort zone. However that is also where the magic happens! At ESCAPE we believe that being a digital worker does not have to mean sacrificing comfort and professionalism for breathtaking landscapes and adventures. We chose our locations with these criteria in mind and provide the perfect balance between exciting novelty and reassuring comfort. We thought we would take this opportunity to debunk a few preconceived ideas of what it means to "work from anywhere" that might be stopping you to taking the plunge, and how our vision of coworking and coliving offer a viable alternative to the home office:

It is lonely: It does not have to be. That is why we have a great focus on community and offer coliving & coworking as a combo. We believe that living and working along side others brings growth and inspiration and we would not have any other way! Not only do we have dinners and excursions together we also organize mastermind sessions and feedback on each other's work. Only developers can work remotely: As we type those words, the only "Java" we know is still the Indonesia island. There are many jobs that can be done remotely. Copywriter, social media manager, e-commerce business, graphic designer, online coach and teacher, translator, writer, online community manager, illustrator, freelance journalist... and more and more everyday! It's uncomfortable: Once again, it does not have to be. Comfort is very important to us. Call us old school or simply old, we like to sit at a desk to write briefs and sleep in a king size bed. Don't get us wrong, we love to explore, expand our horizons and be inspired. However we also need to feel safe and cozy to do our best work! That is why we provide large and well design spaces, fully equipped kitchens, en-suite bathrooms, king size beds, private balconies and pools and lots of nooks in the house to get in the zone!

You can't be productive: Studies tend to say otherwise. The key of being a good remote worker is to find your system and routine. Whether you are an early bird or a night owl, we are catering to all type of people offering high speed Wi-Fi, private desks in your bedroom for more focus time or calls, a shared coworking space to inspire each other to stay focus and get work done. As mentioned earlier, we also have professional events and skill exchange sessions!

If you are working from home while reading these lines...what is stopping you to dip your toes in our infinity pool water? We'll happily take the jump with you!

Beautiful spaces in and out for maximum productivity and inspiration!


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