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Why we changed our brand name & visual identity

We started Swiss Escape in 2016, and back then our name made perfect sense: an Escape in the Swiss Alps, away from the cities and offices, surrounded by other coworkers. Our name has served us well until… we opened a new location in Greece.

Suddenly Swiss Escape had a sibling: Greek Escape.

This meant we had to expand our brand name.

Back in 2016, we called for a brainstorming session, and invited bloggers, marketers and designers all to one table and gave each of them a piece of paper to jot down 5 names.

By the end of the day we had 35 unique brand names, and then we voted. The number one word that resonated with all of us was “Escape”.

Today, almost 7 years later we still resonate with this word and what it means for our company:

💡Escape from the hustle and bustle of cities to a productive & quiet environment;

💡 Escape from the office to beautiful destinations;

💡 Escape from the routine to new experiences & adventures;

💡 Escape from loneliness to be with a community;

💡 Escape to new experiences so that you grow!

Our logo

Our brilliant designers from Studio FLACH gave us the sophisticated look that we desired. The diamonds in our logo can have different meanings: each diamond can represent a coliver, or a new location (who knows, we might expand in the future?). The circle represents the space and time we are dedicated to creating so that our guests can grow personally and professionally.

Our color palette

We have such a rich landscape surrounding our coliving spaces, so we took inspiration from nature. We wanted to include the brown of the Swiss wood and the blue of the Cretan Sea, so the palette includes these two as dominant colors, and expands with neutral tones: white for the Swiss snow and Cretan mountain peaks & beige used in the furniture across our houses.

Our fonts

We wanted a font that was elegant and subtle, and decided to go for “Romans Lover”, a font that is smooth, and creates beautiful curves, a font that makes us dream to ESCAPE!

Our rebranding is an homage to beauty, community, productivity and professionalism.

Our mission has not changed with the years: we still envision a world where people are able to live and work from beautiful locations and feel at home.

We have matured, and it was time for our brand to evolve with us!


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