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A transformative experience

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

We caught up with Jaz, our Community Manager at Greek Escape in January-February 2022. She is now back in Barcelona, her "home base" and reflects on her experience.

As 2022 started she knew she wanted a change of scenery and that Greece would be her next destination. She started looking for a place "sophisticated, work oriented with activities and a community of like minded people".

That is how she came across Greek Escape. At the perfect timing as she says. We were looking for someone who could join us as a Community Manager and Jaz was excited to be more involved than a regular resident. It was a perfect match.

Even though it was her first coliving experience, Jaz felt everything all came together naturally and felt right from the get go. Coming into it with an open mind and no particular expectations was for her the key to take in that new experience. She might have had a slight worry about feeling crowded and not having any privacy but the design of the space and of the community allowed for everyone to intentionally decide when to hang out and share, and when to step out and prioritize personal time and deep work. Not surprisingly, the people, the relationships and the learnings are the greatest take away for Jaz.

"I really feel like I walked away with new tools, new skills and understanding of the world" A truly transformational experience that she is looking forward to repeat soon.


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