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Coliving in Switzerland during the Summer

Grimentz, Switzerland

Over the years, Swiss Escape has been a popular winter experience for many entrepreneurs and remote workers. We can’t blame them, given that we are 2 minutes away from the ski-station so that is convenience at its best. But beyond the frosty snow-capped mountains, there is pureness of air, exhilarating hiking trails and glittering lakes.

When summer comes knocking, some of us yearn for that high-altitude nature which is a completely different experience at Swiss Escape.

A vibrant village

Coliving in Switzerland is an out-of-the-ordinary experience. But to do that in summer, is even more special. The French speaking village of Grimentz turns into a beautiful playground for many nature lovers. You’ve got a buzzing community of locals with music festivals, art gallery and local Friday market.

We definitely love the folk music festival that brings together musical groups in different venues; the cafés are full for the live bands, the streets are filled with musicians playing traditional Swiss folklore and for a extraordinary experience, one of the restaurants on top of the mountain hosts bands on their terrace.

An adventurous environment

There is no doubt that the community at Swiss Escape are all about staying healthy and immersing themselves in sporting activities. And Grimentz doesn’t fall short when it comes to the amount of activities you can do in summer: from 490km of hiking trails to paragliding over the Alps to taking a yoga class.

Adventure can go a long way if you dare to try one of the highest bungee jump of Europe from a bridge between two mountains and a river, no doubt that is a heart-throbbing experience. For those of you less daring, our previous guests have really enjoyed exploring the 200km of mountain bike routes which spiral through lush green forests and rushing rivers.

Free summer pass

All Swiss Escape guests who stay between June and October, receive a free summer pass. This opens a whole array of cultural activities in the valley.

Some really enjoy using the tennis court and swimming pool on a regular basis to stay fit. Some use the free public transportation to visit other villages in the valley and marvel at the unique natural beauty of each village. But it might as well be visiting the copper mine or diving into the nature by visiting the lake and glacier at Moiry. Star-gazing is one experience we can’t forget since they open the funicular especially for that event. You get to the observatory with all the town’s light turned off and you’re mesmerized by the milky way. This is before you look through the telescope at death stars, nebulas and other galaxies.

Sunshine gem

The mountains are a perfect place to bask in the sun. Grimentz enjoys a microclimate which means you get to enjoy breakfast in the balcony while getting all your vitamin D. And what better way to enjoy a meal than among the picturesque Alpine views.

Flavourful experience

When it comes to food, you’ve got a ultimate experience of cheese and chocolate. All restaurants in Grimentz serve delicious meals like Rösti, Crêpe, Fondue with a special ingredient: CHEESE! It makes our hearts melt just thinking about it.

Did you know that the Valais region, where Grimentz is located, is the biggest wine producing region of Switzerland? Wine has indeed been produced from the first century here when Romans planted the first seed. Much of Swiss wine is not exported and that’s why it becomes an exclusive experience.

So if you’re looking for greens of the valley, the blues, whites, yellows and pinks of June’s wild flower. Take a hard look, because Switzerland can give your thirsty eyes a colorful drink. And make no mistake, this all happens together with some of the most inspiring people you’ll ever meet.


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