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How to not be lonely traveling?

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

When we e-met Amanda for our first interview for the Community Manager position at Swiss Escape, she had just left her corporate job in Miami. She was in the process of selling most of her belongings and packing up, ready for an adventure that would allow her to create a life more in alignment with who she is.

We loved her mindset and positive attitude and trusted her with our precious community for almost 2 months. We never regretted it!

After coming back from a month-long of travel on her own and having felt very lonely. She decided to google 'how to not be lonely traveling?' - that is how coliving came up on her radar.

Of course, she had some doubts about living with others 24/7 and worried about her necessary 'me-time' to recharge but in the end, her need for a sense of community convinced her to give it a try.

She had seen several exciting coliving spaces in Europe but felt the mountains were calling and so Switzerland be came the first stop of a long and exciting journey!

Amanda felt the Community manager was the perfect position for her and everything turned out to be just as great as she expected it to be.

She got to develop friendships with like-minded people, especially when people stayed for two to three weeks as it allowed for a particular sense of comfort and home to appear as you get to know each other better and develop routines. She appreciated how everyone worked independently but made time to also come together for communal activities, without ever feeling forced to.

She also felt inspired to meet people with different jobs and lifestyles, all learning about work-life balance together.

In the end, her worry about needing alone time proved to be unnecessary as everyone was very respectful of each other and their own needs.

Finally, Amanda shared that she really enjoyed feeling like she could really contribute with her creativity and skills to help improve the day-to-day lives of the community.


Thank you Amanda for taking the time to do this interview. We wish you all the best on your next adventure! Follow Amanda's journey on Instagram.


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