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From boat to slope.

Reni is sitting at home in Budapest when we call her. Both of us wish we were meeting in person, but like for everyone else, 2020 has changed our plans a bit. So it is over a video call that we ask her about her experience at Swiss Escape. Reni and her partner met Haz and Fanny, the founders of ESCAPE, more than four years ago, during the Nomad Cruise. There, surrounded by sea lovers, the four of them stood out a bit as they realised they shared a passion for the mountains.

The following year, they met again. On dry land this time, and Reni and her partner became the "In house" community managers of Swiss Escape.

For three years, five weeks a year, they took care of the remote workers and nomads staying at the beautiful chalets in the heart of Grimentz, in search of a community of like minded people in beautiful nature.

"It was a really nice work and social life balance" she says.

From picking people up at the station, onboarding and logistics, to hosting masterminds and social events, Reni was at the heart of the Community, making sure residents were both taken care of, all the while empowered to take care of each other and the space.

An experience that brought her a lot on a personal level as well, as she reflects on how amazingly quickly one can feel at home somewhere with people that you didn't know just a week ago.

Raclette night, masterminds, wine & boardgames evenings after a day of slopes and work quickly turn strangers into friends

Being community managers was not just a job, Reni and her partner fully immersed in the community themselves, and enjoyed everything Swiss Escape had to offer.

"What helps with productivity is that since you really wanted to go out and enjoy the snow or join the fondue dinner, you made sure your work was done!" she laughs.

She also remembers the impact the community life and the nature around her had on her routine and well being. "what I loved the most was how easy life was there. I felt more calm...there is a very special type of silence you only get when it snows".

Hike to the Zinal Glaicer, one of Reni's favourite outdoor experience

By having everything close at hand: friends, co workers, slopes, hiking paths, shops and restaurants, Reni realised she had given herself the precious gift of time! "These were the times when I read the most" she reminisces, smiling.

But she also gained relationships that remained beyond the walls of the chalets. "it feels more like daydreaming at the moment, but we are planning a kitesurfing trip with some people we met at Swiss Escape".

We sure hope this trip does happens, and that very soon, we can all meet again around a delicious traditional Swiss dinner.

Reni is a freelance project coordinator, content creator and VA. She brings structure to her clients' businesses and helps them stick to deadlines, also making sure that their customers are well-informed and happy at all times. Reni has a love for the outdoors and for DIY arts and crafts.


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