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How to reach Swiss Escape

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

The ride to Swiss Escape is a beautiful one. Long winding tracks, crossing lakes and castles so make sure you get the window seat!

SBB Train on a bridge in Switzerland
Swiss train

This guide is meant to help you navigate your way from the airport to Swiss Escape. If you need any advice on the best route to take, please email us at

You have different options to reach us: your own car or public transportation. You can easily reach us by public transportation from the airport. In this travel guide, we will go through the options.

Where we are

In order to reach us, follow the instructions whether you travel by public transportation or by car.


Option #1: Travel by public transportation

1. Land at the airport

To reach Swiss Escape, you have four airports you can fly into: Geneva, Zurich, Basel, or Milan airport. When booking your flight, remember that to arrive at Swiss Escape on the same day, you'll need to land in the early afternoon.

2. Take the train to Sierre

Once you've arrived at any of the airports mentioned above, you can easily take a train to Sierre, the nearby town. The train station you'll want to get off at is called "Sierre/Siders". Here are some details based on the airport you land at:

  • From Geneva: The train journey to the Sierre/Siders stop takes approximately 2.5 hours. It is a direct train.

  • From Zurich, Basel, and Milan: The train journey to the Sierre/Siders stop takes about 3.5 hours.

  • Trains to Sierre run every 30 minutes from any location within Switzerland. You can check the timetable here. Geneva airport is the most convenient option as it offers a direct train to Sierre.

To purchase your train ticket, you can use the SBB Mobile App or their website. You can purchase a ticket from the airport to "Grimentz télécabine". Make sure you select the option "Full price".

If you're looking for a discounted price, consider getting a "Supersaver Ticket", which is only valid for the specific time and day you've purchased it for.

3. Take the bus to Grimentz

Upon arriving in Sierre, you'll need to take a bus for the final leg of your journey. Specifically, take a bus from Sierre to Grimentz Télécabine. Tickets can be bought on the SBB Mobile app.

Once you know the estimated arrival time of your bus, please inform Swiss Escape via email, Slack or WhatsApp.

4. Arrival at Grimentz télécabine

Finally, when you arrive at Grimentz Télécabine, our team will meet you at the bus stop! We'll provide you with a tour of the town and bring you to… the one… the only… Swiss Escape.

Option #2: Travel by car

If you'd like to travel by car, follow the route that takes you to Rue de la Batteuse 18, 3961 Grimentz.

Important note: The GPS will most likely direct you through the old village of Grimentz, but be aware that this route is closed to traffic as it is restricted to pedestrians only. When you arrive in Grimentz, after passing the Becs de Bosson hotel on your right, take a left onto "Route de Moiry" and continue following the main road until you reach the Coop supermarket. From there, make a right turn and follow the main road. Here is a visual representation of the correct route:

A map showing the road to Swiss Escape


Once you know your estimated arrival time, please inform Swiss Escape via email, Slack or WhatsApp.

If you need any advice on the best route to take, please email us at We'll be happy to help!


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