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Updated: Dec 2, 2022

As the fall is getting closer and it starts being time to plan the next adventure and your new home we thought we would give you a thorough tour of our villas at Greek if you were there!

The Villas

Yes, Villas with an S. Greek Escape is actually composed of 2 identical semi-detached villas with each their private garage and infinity pools on terraces that can be joined by simply opening a door in the wall.

Each villa counts 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a large kitchen - living and coworking area and an elevator. Which means a total of 6 bedrooms (up 12 residents) and 8 bathrooms!

The shared spaces

As you step inside the villas you are greeted by incredible light from the floor to ceiling window in the living area. That is where you will find the heart of the community.

A fully equipped modern kitchen opens up to a large table, big enough to accommodate dinner parties as well as intense working sprints and workshops and the closer to the view, the cozier it gets. That's where residents lounge (work from as well), play games, enjoy a movie or simply chat around the fire watching the sun go down over the bay! Throughout the house and among the 3 floors you will also find small little nooks waiting for you. A great spot to read a book or isolate for some deeper work.

The bedrooms

We know the importance of a comfortable private space. Each of our bedrooms have large double beds and a private bathroom with either a bath or Italian style shower. Every room has a desk for any time you do not feel like coworking or need to have a private call, as well as a balcony overlooking the pool and the bay, for that "wooaa" feeling when you wake up in the morning.

In each villa there is one duplex room that offers living area with a couch and lots of closet space.

The outdoors

Yes, the home is wonderful, but you should not forget to go outside!

Let's face it, we spent a lot of time on those terraces last fall/winter. For morning or sunset swims, aperitives, BBQs, yoga and photo sessions or simply appreciating the view, planning our next excursion!

We hope you enjoyed this little "tour" and that it gives you a better understanding of what features the villas have to offer.

Do you feel you are missing information? Do not hesitate to ask us via our chat.


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