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Swiss Escape: a digital nomad experience accessible to all levels.

You’ve been hearing about this digital nomad lifestyle for more than a year now. It’s everywhere. In the news, on social media, even at the governmental level, countries are starting to address what looks to be a trend that is here to stay.

Even though we’ve been established since 2016, way before the pandemic made everyone question their office set up, 2020 has brought some changes to Swiss Escape as well, but maybe not the one you'd think.

When the pandemic hit Europe it was a reasonable fear that people would not want to colive & cowork anymore, but as we did have residents cancel or postpone their arrival due to international travel bans and regulations, our occupancy rate did not shift much.

Instead, and to our surprise, we started welcoming more Swiss residents and people who had never experienced neither coliving nor coworking before. People who had always been going to the office and found themselves growing tired of working from the kitchen table and/or of only seeing other people through a screen.

We always ask our upcoming residents if they have colived and or coworked before. This is a sum up of this semester's answers:

That’s how we realized, Swiss Escape is a bit of a safe haven for “new” nomads.

We are located in a beautiful, very picturesque and very safe little village in the south west of Switzerland, we offer very comfortable and modern amenities, there is a wide variety of activities just outside our doorstep, an in house community manager available to guide you throughout your stay and for facilitating the cohabitation, and finally, we host an average of 10 people at once. A more intimate number that allows for the perfect balance between deeper connections and sufficient privacy.

Instead of booking a one way ticket to Bali and diving into the great unknown, many people, still getting used to this new “location independent” lifestyle, are choosing a set up that is just the right balance, new & challenging enough that you can learn and grow from it, not so much that it will bring anxiety and stress.

Don’t get us wrong, we are still hosting many seasoned digital nomads as well, which is great as it allows for a wonderful mix of people, life stories and experience sharing. We can tell you all about how great digital nomadism is on this blog, but the best ambassadors will always be our most experienced residents.

So if you are on the fence, if you have not yet gone back to the office, or not planning on getting back at all, it may be time to plan your Escape! And finally, if mountains, lakes and cows are not your preferred environment, take a look at Greek Escape, our “same same but different” sea-ster location: Same concept, same comfort, different landscape, culture and lifestyle.


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