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The perfect combination!

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Last week we zoomed in with Jessica who stayed at Greek Escape for a week on our opening month. Jessica has lived with other people before in a more classical "shared flat" setting but the experience was quite challenging as she was working from home and not really feeling it was the perfect set up for best productivity and wellbeing living with people with completely different lifestyles.

As she now lives alone, she does recognise that she misses the social interactions. She had been wanting to try coliving for a little while and as Greece had always been "on her list", she felt Greek Escape could be the perfect combo!

Her 2 main 'worries' before arriving were work related: 'Would the internet be good enough and would I be able to have the right working space and environment?' "In terms of facilities Greek Escape is actually amazing" she now says. With a desk in her room for more deep work or private calls but also the possibility to work from the coworking space, her productivity did not diminish during her stay!

Beyond work, her week at Greek Escape made Jessica realise how good it feels to be surrounded with inspirational people - like most of us, the pandemic has confined us not just to our own space but also our comfort bubbles and coliving with like minded people got her out of that. Some of her personal perks were the beautiful routines that emerged naturally such as morning walks with the other colivers followed by breakfast or just taking the time to watch the sunset every night from the terrace. A moment to unwind at the end of the day... or "how a change of scenery can actually bring more peace".

For Jessica the key is creating an atmosphere where you feel that you can simply be yourself. She would definitely recommend anyone who can work independently, is eager to share more with others as well as to explore the gorgeous surroundings of Chania (yes the villas are beautiful but you also need to see outside!) to come to Greek Escape for a few weeks. She will for sure try to come back soon!

Thank you Jessica for taking the time to share your experience. We hope to see you soon again!


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