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Top 10 Activities by Swiss Escapers

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

There is plenty to do at Swiss Escape, in Grimentz and around, so much that most people find it difficult to squeeze it all in during their stay. There are a few things though that seem to make it to the priority list of the majority of our residents. Here is their top 10. (We have not included skiing/snowboarding which is the main activities people come to us for).

Breakfast at the bakery

It's a short walk from the chalet and a lovely way to start the day. Plus you can stay there after breakfast and work for a bit. A change of scenery is always good for productivity, especially when it comes with croissants and hot cocoa.


Both of our chalets are fully equipped for either of these options and they tend to happen at least once a week, winter & summer alike.

Wine tasting

We are located in a wine region of Switzerland and there are always opportunities to discover wine makers and their specialties, such as the Vin du Glacier.

Board games

Our chalets are filled with cards and board games of all kind and for all ages.


When in Switzerland, do like Roger does. Tennis is very popular among our residents in spring/summer/fall. The tennis courts are right in the middle of the village, so in lieu of a cheering crowd, you at least get a gorgeous backdrop.

Ice skating

Take a spin while looking up at the whole village.


Outdoor in the spring and the summer and indoor in the winter.


A day trip to Sion is a nice way to see more than Grimentz. Especially on Fridays for the market.

Hiking to the Moiry Dam

Only accessible in summer, it's a must see. Especially on a day like this:

Zinal Glacier

Another breathtaking experience when hike with snowshoes to this magnificent natural cave.

Which ones are YOUR favorite activities? We would love to know!


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