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We don't just cowork, we colive!

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

And that means you're never short of a companion to play, learn, explore, help, support!

Beyond our own work as designers, digital marketers, developers, copywriters and any other remote jobs there are nowadays, we also like to spend time "not working" together! At Greek Escape we try to always organize at least 2 events a week. One is more business oriented while the other one focuses on getting together and connecting around an activity.

We have our own suggestions of course but we love it when residents come up with their own plans and lead their own workshops for the rest of the group. And we are sure inspiration never runs dry because we also have our local guide Yiannis, who knows the area like the back of his hands and usually joins our Sunday "family gatherings" proposing excursions and visits for the weekend to come.

We have had residents sharing about their jobs and skills, we have done workshops on specific topics and brainstormed ideas together. We also collaborate with the coworking space downtown, WorkHub Chania, where we run mastermind for bigger groups.

We have gotten lost in the old town, visited caves, tasted wines, hiked mountains, explored pink sand beaches and learnt about bee hives (bringing home 10kg of honey, you've got to support the bees!)

We have had movie nights (yeah for Harry Potter Marathon!), game nights, cooking, baking (and eating) nights and painting workshops discovering new skills we never thought we had! Finally, every Friday we organize a Digital Nomad dinner in a new restaurant in Chania inviting the wider DN community of the area. It's always great fun and a way to make new connections.

We cannot wait to see what more we're going to do, learn, explore and taste!


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