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What is it like to colive in Switzerland?

“Digital nomads in Switzerland? That’s crazy!” This is more or less the reaction we got from friends and relatives when we announced our Swiss Escape start-up idea. Certainly, you cannot do them wrong. With destinations in the map like Bali and Chiang Mai where living is cheap, why you as a digital nomad would even think of coming to the bling bling Rolex land? Good chocolate, cheese and scenic mountains can be found anywhere in the world for more affordable prices. So, the question remains, why a Swiss alpine village destination like Grimentz should be attractive for you?

Here is a glimpse into coliving at Swiss Escape:

1. A coliving space made with love and Swissness

Swissness is the secret many people miss and only realize when actually experiencing the place for themselves. It is about the great quality you get out of everything that is Swiss made. At Swiss Escape our first priority was to offer every guest an affordable high quality experience. From the comfortable anatomic chair you are sitting on, while working long hours, to the various activities and from the fast Internet connection to the coziness of your chalet room, everything was designed with pure Swissness in mind. And if something goes wrong, that is exactly why we are here. Since we are locals, we know how to fix it 😉

2. A friendly and authentic alpine village community

You might have heard of the famous alpine destinations like St Moritz and Gstaad. Well forget all about that because Grimentz is something unique. Rather than a large luxury ski resort, it is a traditional alpine village that still manages to keep its authenticity away from the international tourist crowds. Soon you will feel part of the community when you encounter familiar faces and become a real local thanks to the welcoming friendly atmosphere.

3. The inspiring Swiss Alpine nature

This is a whole chapter by itself, but really who could experience the Swiss natural beauty of the Alps and stay indifferent? Getting away from the distractions of the cities with its noise, traffic and pollution, gets your mind to focus on what matters to you. Whether it is a work project you need to finish on time or simply want to escape from the rat race, the mountains can only bring you immense waves of inspiration. And as Richard Louv says “The more high tech our lives become, the more nature we need”.

4. A place that offers more than you think

Swissness, authenticity, nature they all sound great, but deep inside you are still wondering if a tiny alpine village can offer all what I need? Or will I get bored? Skiing, stargazing, mini-golf, hiking to a glacier and thermal bath are just few of the things you can do. Additionally Swiss Escape, organizes workshops, fondue nights, skill sharing and pub evenings to keep the social ball rolling.

In the end, it is the people that makes coliving special. Swiss Escape is an experience that enhances your productivity whilst being surrounded by the stunning Alps. It is where quality meets excellence. Yes, Switzerland is more than just cheese and chocolate.


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