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Why Grimentz?

Clearly that's a question only those who have never been to Grimentz would ask. But let's be open minded. Grimentz is a little jewel in the south west part of Switzerland in the region of Valais, about 2h hours drive from Bern and 2h20 from Geneva. If you come to Grimentz, chances are you do so for: The nature & outdoor activities The village is nested in the middle of the mountains that offer not only gorgeous views but a also a bounty of outdoor activities in invigorating nature!

Skiing and snowboarding are obviously among the favorite winter activities but even if you are not a fan of the slopes, there is still a lot to do. From snowshoe hikes, ice fall hike (or even climb!), ice skating, and even a 5km sledge slope to a hike to the glacier, the evenings by the fire will be welcomed after a full day!

When the snow melts it reveals beautiful hiking paths, opportunities for climbing, mountain biking via ferrata, fishing and even mini golf.

The food Switzerland is famous for its cheeses and chocolate. That's hard to beat. Get ready for fondue and raclette nights followed by chocolate tasting (there is always room for chocolate). Maybe less known is the fact that Grimentz is located in the heart of the wine region offering some great tasting opportunities there as well. Did you know the Glacier wine can only be found in Grimentz? Of course it's not all about cheese. Switzerland is a wonderful blend of French, German, and Northern Italian inspiration when it comes to food and Grimentz's region offers a variety of cuisine that should satisfy all palets!

The people & the authenticity Once again here, we can find influences from its neighboring cultures. Swiss people seem to be a wonderful mix between the warm and welcoming southern culture and the private and respectful northern one.

Especially in villages like Grimentz, residents always greet everyone making you feel at home right away. Swiss people are very respectful of their environment, it is very rare to see anyone litter.

When it comes to the village itself, a picture is worth a thousand words as we say. Walking through the rows of traditional chalets covered in snow in winter or boarded by geraniums in summer, it is easy to feel like you have traveled back in time. The charm of the village is undeniable and is often cited as one of the most picturesque villages in Switzerland


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