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Will you come along for the ride?

Many people unfamiliar with the region might assume that when the snow melts, the opportunities for thrilling and vertiginous slopes disappear with it. Well as it turns out, as the pastures and paths reappear, so do the mountain bike trails. 200 km of them to be precise, with options for everyone, whether you are just starting out, already an experienced biker or even a pro. You can chose to follow your own path through the gorgeous landscape or visit the St Luc Bike Park which offers over 500 meters of vertical drop, 3 downhill mountain bike trails for 3 different levels, 1 jump zone, fun, adrenaline and a funicular to get your bike back to the top "almost" as fast as you came down. And good news, as soon as it reopens on the 19th of June, you can take the cable car with your bike. So no need to exhaust yourself before you've even started! Another nice piece of news, make sure to get your Liberte Pass as it will give you a discount on the cable car (and lots of other leisure activities and services in the area). All our residents get a free pass for the season and we are looking forward to our next bike tour together.

And here are a couple of useful links if you ever need bike fixing, if you are traveling with your bike and if you are looking for a major mountain biking challenge!


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