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ESCAPE is a place where freelancers, entrepreneurs and teams come together to work, play and learn. We created a working environment to be productive, a living space with a community of people who understand your challenges and business programs to bring your ideas to life.

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Who are we
& what we do

Hello, we are Fanny and Haz, the founders of ESCAPE. We created our company because we loved the idea of traveling and meeting people just like us while running our own business. We were craving for a community - a social circle away from home - and so we built it!

We are entrepreneurs, freelancers, or remote workers from all walks of life and industries. We like unconventional ways of living, working and learning. We are very much aware that while traveling is fun, it can also be lonely (let’s be honest, guys).

That is why we’ve taken it to our hearts to create coliving spaces where we can meet and become friends, and more (wink!). We've built many projects and  prototypes while living together. Also, we saw accelerated growth of businesses.


We believe that a community of fun people is a catalyst for personal and business growth.

Meet the Community

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