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The Things we Do Together

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Of course, we do "the working, and the living". But being on a Cretan island for several weeks with old and new friends, you are bound to go on adventures and learn new things!

Here are a few of the things we did during our first season. We cannot wait to explore more with you over the upcoming seasons!

Wine & Olive oil tasting

Not necessarily at the same time of course but last season, our guide Yanis from Chania Experience Tours organized private outings for us at local vineyards, breweries, and olive oil producers. Many of us came home with a lot of bottles!

Bee keeping

Thyme honey is one very important part of the famous Cretan diet.

Greek Honey is famous around the world as being one of the very best and Cretan honey is considered very valuable and rare as thyme-fed bees produce less honey! We were lucky enough to learn all about beekeeping and try some delicious honey fresh from the hive! We bought some from the producer to bring back as souvenirs... but ate it all up before it was time to leave Greek Escape!

Hiking & Cave hunting

Crete does not only have breathtaking beaches. It has a lot of hills, mountains and caves which are wonderful to explore and amazing spots for sunsets (and sunrises for the bravest of us).

Exploring the History

History is everywhere. Even if this was never your favorite subject in school there is something very grand about being in the place where so much of our civilization was born. During our time together, we visited the ancient city of Aptera - our favourite archeological site close to Chania.

And learn some new words!

When in Greece... as digital nomads and slowmads, it is important for us to make an effort to fit in when we arrive somewhere new. That means observing and understanding the culture, traditions, and unspoken rules. It also means trying to grasp some notion of the local language! What better way to learn the basics than to have your very own teacher come to the coliving!

And there is always more we can do. Turns out, 5 months is barely enough to appreciate all the treasures Crete island offers!


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