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11 questions to our Community Manager

For the past couple of months we have had a new Community Manager in the house.

New? Not so much actually, Soufiane has stayed with us before as a resident and knows everything there is to know about our chalets and the fun activities around.

We've asked him 11 questions about his experience.

Who are you? I'm Soufiane. I am a software developer.

I have been working remotely for the last 4 years.

I come from France but I'm moving frequently abroad. I generally like all kinds of outdoor activities and remote places in the countryside.

How did you first hear about Swiss Escape? I was looking for a place to stay in a ski resort and from where I can I have a good atmosphere for working. Places like this in a ski resort are quite hard to find when we travel alone and I found Swiss Escape on Google. How many times have you been to Swiss Escape? It's the second year I come, this year I spent most of my time here at Swiss Escape as it was the perfect spot for me to escape all the COVID craziness.

How has been your experience, as a resident and as a Community Manager? I enjoyed my previous stays as a resident. The working atmosphere is good, the place is relaxing and it's easy to get a break and to go for a short ski session a to take a stroll in nature.

As a community manager we try to adapt to the people staying here to make sure all is good for everyone and we try to offer activities to share together. That is an interesting experience, and it's fulfilling to see things going well.

Favorite part of coworking and coliving? When I'm staying in a place alone I tend to get distracted by various things while I'm working, for some reasons being with other people feels motivating, having everyone working around boosts up the willing to get our own work done.

Most challenging part? We meet various people from different countries and with different lifestyles, and there is always a possibility to meet people with who it does not match, we have to make it work regardless.

Have you been coliving and/or coworking before? I coworked a bunch of times, in my hometown I frequently visit the same coworking when I need to stay focused on my work. I experienced only one other coliving in Cape Town organized by Work Wanderers. What do you enjoy about Grimentz? It's a perfect combination as Grimentz is a remote and quiet place that has everything to feel comfortable on the long term. The proximity with the nature and with the ski lift are a real asset.

How does life in Grimentz differ from Winter to Spring/Summer? Winter feels busier because first there are more people in the village as the ski resort is running, and then because we keep skiing almost everyday and we have to keep work schedule going on.

Early spring in Grimentz is really wonderful and super quiet, it's the low season. Landscapes offer a mix of green and white that you can find only during this season. As for spring and summer, the snow is gone and all hiking trails are accessible so we can fully enjoy hiking and cycling in the mountains. Favorite outdoor outdoor & indoor activities? Cycling, though it can be a bit challenging if you are not trained as flat roads are a luxury here! My favorite indoor activity is climbing.

What did you learn the past 2 months or so? I improved my skiing skill. I discovered älplermagronen a maybe not so healthy but delicious Swiss winter dish. I learnt what Bitcoin really is. I learnt many things about various countries from which people staying here come from.


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