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A day at Swiss Escape in winter

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

We often get questioned about the "vibe" at Swiss Escape; what kind of people stay here and the usual activities. So we thought of giving you an insider look of a day at Swiss Escape during winter.

Meet Elmar. His day starts (and probably ends) with a coffee, while catching up on quick tasks.

working at Swiss Escape

As the sun starts to rise, he quickly slips into his ski gear, writes on our group chat and joins others for some downhill. He specifically enjoys ski runs which go through the forests with a view over Grimentz.

After a wonderful day on the slopes, he gets back to the chalet at 3 pm and dives deeper into his work. He is a freelancer and has his own business. Later in the evening he starts picking everyone's brains about business ideas and travel tips before attending the workshop on "Design thinking" by another guest staying at Swiss Escape.

Workshop at Swiss Escape

He is impressed by the knowledge the space creates and how everyone is here to help each other grow, personally and professionally. But he has been waiting the whole day for some co-cooked meal by the guests and to play some board games - yes, he can get competitive, but we are all friends right? (not!)

playing Monopoly at Swiss Escape

....and he lost, again, but tomorrow is a new day and who wouldn't want to do this all over again? Needless to say, we will be seeing Elmar again in January.

Grimentz in winter

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