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A day in the life of Morgane

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

It takes more than 30 seconds to explain what the Greek Escape experience can be. But we tried our best to sum up what a typical day could look like.

Last January we followed our resident (and Operation manager) Morgane around for a day. Here is what happened. Morgane is an early bird and she loves waking up with the sun. Something even more enjoyable to do when you can step out of bed and directly onto your balcony overlooking the sea.

After taking the view of the day in, it's time to go down and have some coffee. Having experienced a few different coliving spaces, Morgane has her own ways of checking if she will fell good in a space or not. One of them she calls the "pyjama check": basically, if she feels comfortable enough to leave her bedroom in her pjs in the morning as she would at home, it's a space for her. Greek Escape passed the test with flying colors!

Once coffee is brewed, she enjoys it watching the view from the couch, either listening to a podcast or journaling. Being one of the few early birds in the house at that time, Morgane loved that moment of the day that felt like it was just hers. Around 8:30/9 am it is time to shower and get to work. Choosing her space wisely and moving around throughout the day. Indeed, Morgane quickly realized she was doing her most creative work in the coworking area surrounded with people, usually at the long table, but sometimes even on the floor, while she best went through the more tedious tasks at the desk in her room.

Around 1pm is usually the best time to start hanging around the kitchen and see what the housemates are prepping. Being a lazy and pretty poor cook Morgane usually orders in or uses her best lesson learnt so far in a coliving: if you hang around long enough, you will eventually be fed. Of course Morgane always repays the favor later on by making pancakes for everyone on Sundays. Living in community is all about a healthy balance of give and take after all.

If there are no meetings in the afternoon Morgane takes a walk down to the town and explore the little shops, take yet another coffee at one of the terraces by the harbor or treat herself to delicious local vegetarian food. She always makes sure to be back home for sunset time that she watches from the pool deck or the couch with the other residents. It does not matter how long you stay at Greek Escape, you will find yourself unable to look away (and eventually have 300 pictures of sunsets in your phone).

Meals are better shared so Morgane usually cooks and eats with other residents, carrying her plate from one villa to another to join games and/or movies. As most early birds, around 10:30pm it's already time for Morgane to head to bed, head full of beautiful images and laughter.


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