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Let's go to the beach!

Ok but which one?

For the sake of relevant and accurate content for our readers we have had the difficult task to visit some of the most beautiful beaches on Crete. Being an island, it seems obvious that Crete has a lot to offer when it comes to beaches. It has after all about 1000 km of coastline. That means hundreds of kilometers of rocks, pebbles and all the types of sands you can imagine, that means popular beaches, secluded ones, tiny ones, never ending ones... that means beaches where swimsuits are optional and others where it is a "must have on". Despite being very dedicated to our beach research we have not been able to check them all out just yet. We are looking forward to the next Greek Escape season to pursue our R&D. But we have created this non exhaustive list for you to get an idea of what is out there, organized by distances (closest to furthest from Chania):


At the east end of Chania's harbor, Koum Kapi is a small (about 1km) beach in the old town. Not necessarily the most popular to swim but a lovely spot for a drink by the sea.


Is Chania's new town beach and has lovely cafes and restaurants all around....and a great sunset spot.


38 km from Chania - A very long sandy beach (more than 10km!) Avoid the hotels area and you should find plenty of space, there is a also a lovely fisherman village to visit and spend some time in.


At the northern tip of the peninsula of Gramvousa - About 40k from Chania. Lagoons, white sand, turquoise water and slightly less tourists (definitely less in the fall!) as it is a bit more of a challenge to access (dirt road, a bit of hiking or by boat) - It's highly recommended to bring your picnic as there are no shops around. Spend the day there for a one on one with gorgeous nature!


North West - 50 km from Chania This one is a long and wide beach that allows for everyone to find a spot without feeling too crowded. It is known for its beautiful sunsets. Make sure to avoid windy days as it gets extra windy on that beach!


South west - 70km from Chania You may have heard of it if you, like us, look around for the top 10 European beaches rankings. Crystal water and pink sand...what else can one want?

Some privacy maybe...this gorgeous beach used to be a local secret but tourists seem to have found it. That is why we love spending the fall in Chania... we get it for ourselves again.

For more beaches on the west coast of Crete, more detailed information on these places and how to get to we highly recommend this website!

To see it with your own eyes, burry your own toes in that pink sand and dive into those blue & green waves, join us from November until the end of March.


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