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Petra, living her best Swiss life!

If you have been following us for a while now you know we have a Community manager at Swiss Escape living with the residents in the house, sharing their everyday life, welcoming them, facilitating the logistics and encouraging activities and get togethers. Our CM (Community manager) are amazing people who, through their energy and love for nature and other people, really make the Swiss Escape experience a special one!

This season we are so lucky that Petra got "a sign" to come and stay with us. No matter the weather, she's brought sunshine to everyone since the day she arrived!

Who are you?

I am Petra and I am from Croatia :) I am an Instagram influencer, content creator, traveler, lover of chocolate, avocado, reading and enjoying life.

What do you do when you are not a CM ? When I am not a CM, which I love to do so much, I make content for Instagram, edit photos and vides for me and my clients: Also I love to learn new things about digital marketing and personal development.

Have you coworked/colived before?

No, I traveled a lot and also I’ve lived in different places but this it the first time that I am doing coworking/coliving, and I love it! it’s a way to live your best digital nomad life.

How did you hear about Swiss Escape? I was visiting my friends in Zurich and stayed for few weeks and had an idea Switzerland would be a nice place for me to live for a while. I googled digital nomads in Switzerland and Swiss Escape page was the first to come up. I immediately fell in love in Grimentz and I decided I need to go there. I applied for the CM role and I am here now :)

What were your thoughts/expectations on how coliving would be and how do they differ from reality? I expected that I will live with in an international setting with some interesting people, what definitely happened, but I didn’t expect that it will be mostly girls :D girl power!

What is your favourite part of the experience so far? My favourite part is meeting the amazing international people because I’ve learned so much from them and got cool business ideas. Nature and going on amazing hikes almost every day is also the best.

Most challenging? Trying not to eat all the chocolate and cheese! What have you learnt about yourself? I’ve learnt that I really enjoy the slow traveling and living in one place for a longer time as I can focus on my work and life better. Also I learned that I really love mountains and hiking. What have you taught others? Mostly tips and tricks how to edit Instagram videos and photos, and also that taking a dance break while working is good for you :) The most frequently asked questions you get from people about your experience here?

How can we live this life?

What is your daily or weekly routine at Swiss Escape?

Waking up early, doing yoga on the balcony with the views on the mountains, working few hours, taking a break for a short walk outside or a nap, working some more and then socialising with my housemates. Also I try to find as much time to go hiking.

Tip for someone wanted to be a CM? For someone wanting to try coliving/cowokring?

Tips for CMs - it’s good being flexible, open minded, friendly

Tips for future colivers/coworkers - if you are thinking about that you want to try it you should try it :) be open minded and you will learn a lot about yourself

Where can we follow you if we want to keep up with your travels

You can follow me on my Instagram @skitnica


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