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Slopes, raclette, community and remote work.

"When are you coming?" we just hung up with Missy and we can already hear the mountains calling.

The mountains are calling (Private picture)

Melissa, Missy for her friends, and she's made quite a few there already, is coming back for her second winter season at Swiss Escape. Originally from the US she has been based in Italy for several years and worked remotely for the last 5. As much as she fully enjoys the freedom that a remote lifestyle offers, she was often feeling a bit isolated, being neither a full time vacationer nor a local.

That was the case until 2019 when she discovered the concept of Coliving and came across Swiss Escape, looking for a place that could satisfy both her need for community and her love for the slopes while allowing her to do her job. At Swiss Escape, she found that her experience exceeded her expectations and solved most of her digital nomad issues: beautiful nature, welcoming locals, interesting culture, delicious food, a diverse community of people who shared her lifestyle and of course, great comfort and top notch amenities.

Almost too nice of a view to be productive...(Swiss Escape picture)

It might take you a few hops from train to bus to get to the picturesque village of Grimentz, but it is all quickly all forgotten when you realize the ski slopes are only a 5 minutes walks from your doorstep, when you admire the view from your workspace's balcony, or when you take part in one of the fondue dinners organized by one of the Community Managers.

Our Community Managers are there from day one of your experience. Picking you up from the station, showing you around the chalet and making sure you are settled in properly. The fact that they live with you and the other residents truly helps create the community feeling as they never miss an opportunity to teach about the local culture and encourage everyone to share skills and ideas. Missy is staying for about six weeks this time around, or "as long as they let me" she says laughing. She really has found a rhythm that works great for her and her chalet-mates. There are never any queues at the shared bathroom, nor is there too many people at the ski slopes during the week, and only short queues on weekends. Great news for the Swiss Escapers who enjoy spending their mornings under the winter sun skiing, snowboarding, hiking...

Missy's morning routine (Private picture)

After a well deserved lunch they'll spend some studious hours getting work done from the co-working space, the call room, the balcony or even the lovely bakery in the village. As the evening progresses, everyone will get busy around the kitchen, cooking and chatting, sharing a glass and a story, an experience or a skill, over a game of Catan or a traditional Raclette. Missy's favorite part of her experience? The community. Feeling understood and constantly learning from each other. Missy is the Head of Customer Success at SmarterQueue, a 100% remote SaaS startup. She helps customers learn about social media and how to optimize their social media marketing strategy while using SmarterQueue to save countless hours each week. Missy is passionate about travel, remote work, and all things Italian.


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