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The island of Indian summer

The beach in November? Unless you are from the southern hemisphere, this might not sound like a good idea. There are places in the world though that are blessed with hot summers that stretches into autumns full of light and blossoming flowers. Some people call it Indian summers... Crete happens to be one of these places. With average temperatures in Chania in November of around 16 degres (and up to 20-25 degrees) and a sea at 20 degrees, walks on the gorgeous pink beaches and even a dip in the water are perfectly possible.

It's also an amazing opportunity to explore the island at your own pace, away from the July herds of tourists or the blazing August sun. Outdoor activities such as hiking, diving, wind surfing, or simply exploring old towns and fishing villages are all available throughout the low season as well as museums, shops and galleries.

So if you are considering Crete for the late autumn and beginning of winter, to pack away your swimsuit and summer dresses just yet, just bring a sweater for the late Indian summer night around the pool, and finish of the evening making a fire while looking at the bay.

Elafonisi beach in November


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