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What to do in Chania

What not to do! There is so much to explore you'll probably want to extend your stay... Here is a non exhaustive list of our favorite things to do ... so far. Explore: Taking walks through the city and old town is a real pleasure. Chania is full of little corners that you can discover and re-discover endlessly. If you want more, day trips to the peninsula of Akrotiri to see the beach and the monasteries or the archeological site of Aptera are also great options.

Go to the Movies & Museums: In case of a rainy day or if you simply are a culture lover, you can explore the different museums (Historical museum, nautical museum...) of the city and even pop in for a movie, they are shown in their original language with Greek subtitles. There is also a beautiful aquarium for those who are more comfortable admiring the fishes behind a glass.

Enjoy the beach. Even if you're not the kind to lay in the sun all day long, this gorgeous combo of pink sand and crystalline waters cannot leave you cold.

Hike: If you enjoy walking but want to stay out of the city, the surroundings of Chania are paradise for hikers. Sea, mountains, the region has it all! Including lovely villages on the way for a good meal and a siesta. Day, half day and even over night hikes can be organized, on your own or with a guide, so make sure to pack your boots! Horse riding, climbing and many more outdoor activities are also available in the area.

Dive, "fly", sail: Windsurfing, scuba diving, boat trips... there are options for all the sea lovers whether you prefer to be under or on the water.

Eat the good food. After all, the Cretan diet is considered the origin of the famous mediterranean diet. Lots of fresh fruits, veggies, olives (and olive oil), dried seeds and legumes... and the secret ingredient, big sharing platers for sharing with old and new friends.

And even do some shopping. Chania has every type of stores you may need. Including many beautiful and traditional businesses such as the Kiosks, handicrafts shops and in&outdoor markets. If you do want to bring a souvenir home, try and plan to go in the morning or later in the afternoon are lunch + siesta is a sacred combo in Crete which means lots of businesses close between 2 and 4 pm.

This is a just a little preview of the things to do in Chania during your stay. That is of course in addition to enjoying the pool, sunbathing on the terrace, having aperitivos and board games with the housemates and brainstorming new ideas in the living room by the fire.


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